Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Little Poem for Missionaries Everywhere

Written by yours truly <3

When you embrace the light 
It's a glorious feeling to know
The life you live is better 
And immediately begins to show 

You want to do the best you can
You want to live the truth 
In this you find your happiness 
And live it in your youth 

The day is nigh, when you shall hear
The whisper of His call
An invitation to do His work
Be strong, choose right, walk tall. 

With cheerfulness you'll answer,
Exclaim "Of course I'll come!
I will work to serve your children
Until my body's numb!"

In this He will delight 
And bless you oh so great
Especially because He knows
The struggling that awaits

Once you decide to go 
And you decide to make the climb
Expect the Devils company
In record breaking time

he will test your goodness
he might even break your heart
And with everything he has and knows, 
Start taring you apart

That serpent that would take your life
If was given the choice 
Finds joy in your discouragement 
In your sorrow, he'll rejoice

Soon you'll feel not good enough
You might even feel alone
Your testimony might shake a little 
You may be guilty prone 

Why is it right when you begin to feel
The surety of this trip,
Does all this opposition come
And make you lose your grip?

To answer this question simply
The bad is always there
As surely as the good moves forward
The devil sets his snares

But on the other side
Lies the Winner of it all
Trust the One who's victory
Will always catch your fall

Know that He is always there
Have faith to move ahead
As surely as you take each step 
Each one is divinely led

Press onward missionary
Especially when times get rough
Don't ever let the devil tell you 
You are not good enough